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What is the difference between the contract for keeping records from the contract for drawing up financial statements?

Sometimes a company does not need to enter into a contract for full accounting, for example, if:

  • A fairly large volume of daily documents, which makes it necessary daily presence in the office of an accountant,
  • Accounting in the reporting period was conducted by another accountant,
  • The company had no activity in the reporting period.


In such cases, we prepare accounting and / or tax reporting based on available data. If necessary, our accountant verifies the correctness and completeness of the reflection of business transactions in the accounting registers, on the basis of which the reporting will be formed.


The transfer of the reporting function of the specialized accounting organization of the GNK group has a number of advantages:

  • The reporting will be made taking into account all requirements of the legislation. The accuracy of its drafting is checked by the auditors,
  • If you can optimize the amount of taxes before submitting reports, you will be offered the appropriate options,
  • You do not incur additional costs associated with the payment of a professional accountant, who has sufficient experience for the formation of accounts.
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