Initiative audit provides an opportunity to obtain reliable information about the economic activities of the enterprise, in particular about the correctness of its accounting, as well as compliance with existing norms of tax legislation. Conducting initiative accounting is especially important in cases when owners (owners of stakes in LLC, owners of shares in joint-stock companies, for example) do not occupy a permanent position in the relevant legal bodies, for example, when an outsider acts as the general director of the company.

As practice shows, initiative audit in most cases is conducted in connection with the following circumstances:

  • Initiation of the liquidation / reorganization procedure of the relevant company;
  • Receipt of requests from investors, management bodies or owners of the enterprise.
  • Change (dismissal) of the general director and / or chief accountant of the enterprise;
  •  The obligation to conduct an audit is enshrined in the company's charter;
  • In order to establish accounting and / or tax accounting in full compliance with the new requirements that have just come into effect;
  • Before the tax audit to reduce the likelihood of charging fines and penalties for violations found in the provisions of the current tax legislation.
  • Verification of the correctness of the implementation of direct job duties by employees of certain divisions of the legal entity, etc.

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