The purpose of the personnel (labor) audit is to reduce the risks associated with the violation of the current labor law. Therefore, usually a personnel audit, primarily aimed at reducing the impact of "increased risk zones."

First and foremost, personnel audit is a general assessment of all the activities of HR services - its organization and competence of all employees. In addition, it is an analysis of internal personnel documents that have a general character - regulations, Labor protection regulations, Regulations on the amount of wages, as well as bonuses and many other aspects. Further, the study of the personal files of employees and labor contracts, concluded during employment.

Particular attention should be paid to job descriptions and employment contracts. If they are correctly drawn up, then they are correctly formed and the qualitative relationships established between the employees. Well-written instructions will make it possible to achieve improvements in labor discipline, as well as significantly increase the employer's security against unreasonable claims from trade union bodies and individual employees.

Personnel audit (labor) includes:

  • checking the compliance of registration of personnel documents with the current legislation of the Russian Federation
  • an assessment of the adequacy of the organization's human resources to its objectives and development strategy;
  • preparation of specific recommendations for management and personnel.

The result of the personnel audit is a detailed report, which includes:

  • list of violations of labor legislation identified in the documents;
  • a list of documents that are not present at the enterprise, but which are mandatory;
  • recommendations for correcting violations.

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