Tax audit is a comprehensive inspection of financial and economic activity of a legal entity for the specified in the contract period. The audit purpose is finding of facts of improper tax accounting, insufficient or excessive taxes / fees, errors in the tax returns, as well as risk analysis and methods of doing business.

As part of the tax audit is performed:

  • Initial evaluation activities; tax accounting and internal control systems;
  • analysis of the completeness and correctness of the company's policy in the field of taxation;
  • analysis of the lawfulness of the use of incentives or other methods to reduce the tax burden;
  • control of the correctness of the tax base and rates;
  • monitoring the timeliness and completeness of payment of taxes and contributions.

Determining of the areas of possible tax risks during inspection - one of the tax audit main objectives. The results of this work are reflected in a detailed report with recommendations to reduce risks.

As part of a tax audit, we also offer:

  • analysis of contracts in order to minimize tax risks;
  • alignment of schemes of work with the optimal tax burden;
  • verification of the completeness and correctness of formalizing of primary documents;
  • developing of positions on all contentious issues with the prospect of these protecting in the court;
  • consultations on tax issues.

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