Бухгалтерские услуги по восстановлению бухгалтерского учета

Accounting services for accounting recovery

Companies need accounting services in terms of setting, and sometimes, accounting recovery, adjusting financial statements. Typically, an accountant performs setting of accounting in the following cases:

  • Launching of the company,
  • After accounting recovery,
  • Partially due to the start of new activities of the company, a change in its structure.



Accounting Department is one of the most important in the whole structure of the company's activity. The internal accountants solve key tasks, such as tax deductions, maintenance of all financial transactions and accounting of expenses and incomes of the company. In the economic activity there are cases of loss of accounting data, for example:

  • flooding, fire - phenomena that destroyed all accounting documentation;
  • lack of an accounting department in the company;
  • sudden absence of an accountant and all data from the 1C database;
  • untimely submission of reports to authorized bodies;
  • mass identification of errors in the completion of declarations and maintenance of accounting records.

The only expedient step in such situations is the accounting recovery by accountancy specialists. This procedure will help to avoid penalties on the part of inspection bodies and to set up the business.

For the accounting recovery takes several accountancy specialists: auditors, accountants, lawyers and tax accountants. This staff is required for the reason that it is necessary to analyze the primary documentation, check the received calculations in accordance with established legal norms and requirements. This will solve the problem by 100% in the shortest possible time.


Accounting includes thousands of key documents, and the larger the company, the more work is needed to accounting recovery. Depending on the reasons for the lack of accounting data and the appropriateness of restoring individual data, the accounting recovery can be:

- full. At the same time, complex work is carried out by accountancy specialists with all the financial and economic transactions of the company that were carried out earlier. Processing invoices, acceptance acts, contracts, invoices - complete processing of received data and their systematization. The result of the accountants work is a complete bookkeeping package, ready for submitting to tax authorities.

- partial. At the same time, accountancy specialists work with separate areas of accounting, some of the papers that require correction and correct registration (personnel records, cash transactions).


When recovering of accounting, the accountant has a number of difficulties that can be avoided by transferring the financial reporting and accounting recovery to accountancy firm:

  • The difficulty in forming a complete picture of the company's activities to determine which documents and how much is missing,
  • The difficulty in reflecting adjustments in books. For past periods, changes are made in a manner different from changes in the current period.


In order to set an optimal record from the point of view of compliance with the local legislation and the time and money spent on the work of the accounting department, it is necessary:

  • Clearly represent the scope of the company and have information about the existing nuances of taxation and possible benefits,
  • To have the skills in accountancy, tax accountancy and legal to organize the workflow in order to draw up all the necessary documents for the activities and not to do unnecessary.

To fulfill these conditions one accountant may find it difficult. The best way out of the situation is to perform the accounting statement with the help of an accountancy firm.

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