Protection of client's interests in arbitration court includes:

  • thorough examination of all relevant documents to assess the prospects of the case. In order for you to make an informed decision on the expediency of entering the arbitration process, we assess the chances of success, taking into account regional and federal arbitration practice;
  • preparation of a package of documents including: complaints and appeals to higher authorities, claims to counterparts, documents confirming the validity of claims, calculations of principal, fines and penalties, statement of claim to arbitration court, power of attorney to represent your interests in court and negotiations with the defendant .

The arbitration process includes three instances:

The first - the case in the regional arbitration court,
The second is the filing of an appeal with the Court of Appeal,
The third is the filing of the cassation in the district arbitration court.

The process can be completed already in the first instance, but sometimes the struggle continues after the third instance, when the case is reviewed in the order of the prosecutor's supervision. We are ready to protect the interests of our clients from any stage of the arbitration process at all subsequent stages, setting the main task of maximum satisfaction of your interests.
By entrusting representation in arbitration and pre-trial settlement of disputes to professionals, you protect your funds, since the cost of our services is a small part of the amounts that you can lose or not receive due to mistakes made in registration and accounting of documents or bad faith of partners.

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